For the last month, I had removed My Flights from the App Store – this was because a number of Travel Agents had prevented Amadeus from accessing their bookings, which in turn meant that some users of My Flights could not import their bookings. About 10% of bookings are affected.

My biggest concern was users paying for My Flights, only to find their bookings were blocked by their Travel Agent, and then being frustrated at the purchase being waste of money.

Since removing the app, I have received floods of emails from people saying how much they value and miss the app, especially when they’ve changed their phones and found the app no longer available.

So I’ve decided to make the Full version of My Flights and My Flights HD apps free on the App Store, and I’m discontinuing the ‘free’ restricted version. Users who have the previous My Flights Free version can download the full version and sign in with their existing account details.

I’ll also add a donation button in case anybody feels they would like to help towards the running costs of the app, but that is completely up to you.

I hope you enjoy My Flights,

Chris Schofield

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