MyFlights on your iPhone, iPad and on the Web

The only app that monitors your bookings for changes, and tells you when something's up!

And it's all synced seamlessly across your devices

Be the first to know when your booking changes

If any part of your flight booking changes, you'll know about it - everything from the time your flight's scheduled to leave, to the airline moving you from your favourite seat

Your bookings at your finger tips

All of your flight information is just a tap away. It's accessible any time, whether you're in the air checking your connection time, or in the cab trying to find the terminal you're flying from.

Who doesn't like FREE?

MyFlights is completely FREE! No ads, no trial period, it's just free. We hope you don't mind, but we realised you may feel left out of the whole "purchase and hope it's worth it". Please forgive us.

MyFlights iPhone, iPad and Web App

With MyFlights on your iPhone, MyFlights HD on your iPad, and on the Web, you can always ensure you're the first to know about any changes to your flight bookings. MyFlights will constantly monitor your bookings, and if the airline make any changes (such as move you from your preferred seat, change the terminal you'll be flying from, or maybe they forget your frequent flyer number) we'll send you a Push Notification to your iPhone or iPad.

MyFlights - Better in every way

mf3-imac-medium The latest version of MyFlights is no small revolution. Find out why...

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