My Flights 3 is here, and as with all major My Flights updates, there are some significant enhancements to enjoy!


Better, Faster Syncing

Access your bookings from the moment the App launches, while it quietly gets on with syncing in the background. All your devices will stay in sync with your new My Flights account, and all notifications and flight changes will be downloaded immediately – no need to ‘check for changes’ any more!



Better Change Tracking

Knowing the latest status of your booking is one thing, but knowing what’s changed is even more important. Your departure time has changed – but by how much? With My Flights 3 you’ll also see very clearly what has changed with highlighting of new and old information.



Better Connected

With My Flights 3, you can access your bookings on the Web, so if your iPhone runs out of juice, you can still get to your booking information. It’s all synced with your devices, and you can add new bookings or review changes to bookings right from your desktop.



Better Notifications

Forgotten to take your phone to the office? You’ll still be kept up to date with changes to your booking by E-mail. Not interested in certain changes? No problem – you can choose which changes you want to hear about, and which ones My Flights should keep to itself until you next look at the booking in the App.



iOS 8 ready

My Flights 3 supports iOS 7 and iOS 8, so when your iPhone or iPad tell you to update to the new iOS 8, you can be certain My Flights will continue to work without hitch.



Better Accounts, Always Backed Up

Lose your device and you haven’t done a backup in a while? Don’t worry about your bookings – they’ll be there safe and sound waiting for when you’re up and running again. Just download the app, log in and you’ll be back where you left off. And while you’re without your device, you can still use the Web version of My Flights.

All passwords are held securely and one-way encrypted. Nobody will ever get your password from us, because we’ll never know it in the first place.



Better Future

When My Flights was first released, it was a hobby project aimed at enabling a small number of frequent flyers to keep track of their bookings in a way that no other app could.

This was great, until the app became more popular than expected. The latest version of My Flights has been built from the ground up, meaning we could ensure a design ready for growth. This has already started with enabling Web access to bookings, but there are plenty more ideas in the pipeline, not least of which include a mobile web app so Android users can join in!



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